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So Kid...You...YOU Want to be a Writer?

Never listen to fatheads and know it all's.

This is sage advice my pop gave me. How true it's turned out to be! First of all, everyone who has never done anything is an expert on all subjects. Oh, they'll give you the business about 'making a fool out of yourself' or 'smarter people than you have tried and failed'.

There are two ways to go through life. To know it all and never take a chance, or to continually pound your head against the brick wall and eventually learn. Oh, there is another way. To actually KNOW everything and never fail. Ho Hum. Imagine going through life like that. Well, we won't waste time with THOSE kind of people here.

Take me for instance. I grew up by the tracks, thinking that success in life would be having a nice factory job and retiring at 65. I mean, I wasn't smart, or from a rich family, or good looking, or...where was I going with this?

Fortunately, one thing I was gifted with was a short attention span. You know, not enough to be classified, but short nonetheless. So in essence, I never leaned to quit trying.

So after everything I've done (see my bio, it's a great cure for insomnia) I've decided to be a writer. Now, my brother was a writer, and smart. But in the age before self-publishing, the gatekeepers of our literary culture kept his great work from going public. Promise you here, if I make it, he makes it. Probably not the best idea because I'll be compared to my better brother again, but such is life...

Oh, they wouldn't let me in either. Meh, their loss.

So here is what I'm going to do. I'm going to start the discussion about what it takes to become a writer. I've done that. I'll talk about what it takes to become a paid author. I've done that. I'll talk about what it takes to become a famous and rich author...ah. That I ain't done. BUT...bear with me, because maybe between the bunch of us, we'll figure it out.

Then we'll drive up to the fatheads houses in the middle of the night in our snob-mobiles and ring their door bells! That'll show 'em!

In the mean time, check out my books on KDP. If you have unlimited, you can read for free! (All this talent and no cost, almost as good as getting free beer!) But not really...

Those stories mean a great deal to me, because my friends are in them. And family. And the really great guy I'd like to be. Some are the result of recurring dreams, and others (What Watches and Waits) a recurring fricking nightmare that left me in a pool of sweat! Whatever muse is responsible for that has a wicked sense of humor. Which, I have to admit, I can appreciate.

Oh, and before the fatheads and know it all's get started, I write fast, and I make mistakes. I worked four years on a dissertation, and it made it past publishing editors with errors so...please don't be offended. My mind works faster than my fingers, except when I drink beer. Then nothing works.

So welcome like-minded friends! Tag along with me and we'll have some fun. Don't like having fun? Your idea of a good time is being a jerk? Please feel free to join the fatheads and know it all's...elsewhere...

Let's go!

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