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Tales of the Supernatural

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If you think this is a stereotypical sci-fi time travel time-waster, think again!  This book takes you on a wild ride through a past full of danger as the leads try to right an old and tragic wrong.

If you like a mash-up of family, friends, love, and betrayal with a healthy dose of plausible science, this book will grab you by the throat!

P.J.  Kansas City Mo.

Boffo!  Just Boffo!

I don't go for the typical geeky science fantasy stuff, but that is only the beginning here!

Righting wrongs?  Check.

Clean romance not

riddled with cliches?  Check.

Plausible science?  Well it is time travel...

Megan M.  Queen Creek AZ.


I've read time travel books before, but this is the first one I've seen where history has a flaw and the travelers went back to fix it.

..A refreshing change from the usual fare for this sub-genre.  The dialogue was engrossing, the writing clear and readable, and the emotional parts were truly touching. 

A. West  Amazon, Goodreads

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