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In a world of contention, a place for contemplation...

People are always evolving, trying to make the world a better place.  During this time  of upheaval when rapid change is coming, we sometimes need a moment of quiet respite. 


Here, we can understand that change isn't simply unavoidable, but desirable.

That is what I write about.


As we evolve, let's look to the past, present, and future for hope and inspiration in the stories of people who defy the odds and do the right thing!

Thank you to everyone who stopped by at Legacy Traditional School
in Queen Creek Arizona this weekend!
Great conversations and meeting the public to talk
about books is always the best part!
Especially thank you to those who purchased books; remember
To leave reviews!


What genre would you like to see more of?
Choice 1.  Life stories, romance.
Choice 2.  Science fiction
Choice 3.  Horror  (even though it keeps me up at night...)


I can't take myself too seriously!
(some say I do, we will not speak of them...)
In that light, here is my featured silly ad of the month!


New on Amazon!

When Last I Knew My Heart
On Sale Now

Tom is at the end of his marriage and career.

Maggie can't rise above the glass ceiling or her painful past.

Together, they save an innocent, and enter a foreign world. 

Can they let go of the past for each other, their dear friends, or even themselves?

What if you could reinvent your life, but had to let go of all that keeps you safe?

Introductory Price Paperback: $7.99

E-book: $3.99

Free on Kindle Unlimited!

Leave a comment if you'd like a signed copy.  No charge beyond cost and shipping.

Thank you!

James M Benesh ebook(2).jpg
book shelf watches4.jpeg

If you think this is a stereotypical sci-fi time travel time-waster, think again!  This book takes you on a wild ride through a past full of danger as the leads try to right an old and tragic wrong.

If you like a mash-up of family, friends, love, and betrayal with a healthy dose of plausible science, this book will grab you by the throat!

P.J.  Kansas City Mo.

Boffo!  Just Boffo!

I don't go for the typical geeky science fantasy stuff, but that is only the beginning here!

Righting wrongs?  Check.

Clean romance not

riddled with cliches?  Check.

Plausible science?  Well it is time travel...

Megan M.  Queen Creek AZ.


I've read time travel books before, but this is the first one I've seen where history has a flaw and the travelers went back to fix it.

..A refreshing change from the usual fare for this sub-genre.  The dialogue was engrossing, the writing clear and readable, and the emotional parts were truly touching. 

A. West  Amazon, Goodreads

What Readers are Saying

about my best seller:

TheTime Fixers

It's truly gratifying to read the nice things readers are saying about my books!  If you enjoyed your experience, please leave a note here, and especially leave reviews on Amazon, Goodreads, or both!
Thank you!

Live big, impossible dreams!

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