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Writing with humanity for passionate readers...

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Sagittarian Blue 

Not a children's story, but a tale about the kid in all of us who doesn't know what they can't do...

In 1967 seven very clever kids disappeared from Liberal Kansas. 

92 years later, the world will discover the heroes they never knew...if there is still time.

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What Watches and Waits

A novel from darkness and evil that never dies.

Evil lurks in dark and forlorn places waiting for people to forget.

Emily didn't forget...


Emily was the most hated yet passionately defended young girl in the valley.  Now as she returns decades later, so has the darkness.

Her friends would die fighting for her. 

Will that be enough?

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The Arizoniacs

A novel that dares to make the statement:  What the hell!

What do you do after you've struggled, fought, and won the game of life? Start a kick-butt rock and roll band of course!

Everyone loves the gregarious Frank save his wife Linda, who is still working as a high stress finance manager.
Frank and his friends are retired or near, several having been displaced due to their age. But they're not through...yet.

All of his friends gave up music to do the practical thing and chase the corporate dream. This is their chance to break out, if he can help his best new buddy JJ out of his artificial stodginess.

Now the group has to fight faithless lovers, fickle friends, and all of society telling them to hit the rocking chair.
Will this group of 60's kids give in to expectations and act their age?

Don't you believe it!


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Our Lost Dreams
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A novel about life and never giving up.

What if you married the perfect girl, then lost her to eternity?


Marty and the gang have been friends since junior high.  Now each is damaged by rocky voyages through life. 

Can they come back together on their journey  home, and help each other find life and love again?

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When Last I Knew my Heart
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A tale of endings, redemption, and having the courage to seize your destiny.

What if you had a chance to recreate your life, but must let go of the world as you've always known it?


Tom is at the end of his career and marriage.  Maggie can't rise above the glass ceiling or her painful past.

Together they save save an innocent, and find themselves cast into an unfamiliar world.  Can they let go of the fears of the past and build a new future for themselves...and the friends they hold dear?


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The Time Fixers
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You've been lied to and cheated on for years.  The girl of your dreams was manipulated into an early grave.
And you can change everything.

Professor Scott Kucera is so entwined in his thoughts and research that no one can understand his his son and fellow researcher Shane.

African American trailblazer and almost friend General George Westin is in charge of corralling the brilliant professor, and keeping his research on target.

When Scott's unfaithful wife Cynthia dumps him hard for a rich contractor, she brags that she has not only been unfaithful, but inadvertently caused the death of his soul mate and intellectual equal Laura Kinsley.

Due to an unanticipated side-effect of his work, Scott seizes on the idea that Laura may not be lost to him forever.

Now the world of the present...and the past tilt on the brink as George and Shane try to stop Scott. 

Until Shane himself falls in love with a beautiful but doomed woman in the past...


Tales of the Supernatural
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Have you ever felt an unexplained tingling chill running the length of your spine? As sophisticated as you are, does walking past a cemetery in the dark make you quicken your pace? Is there a shadow on the edge of your vision late at night, when logical explanations and the veil between worlds are at their thinnest?

If so, you know the world many deny; the realm of shadows. Creatures and spirits barely beyond our conscious thought. Beasts and foul manifestations that haunt our dreams. Wandering, tormented lost souls looking for rest...or revenge. Come along, if you dare, to the kingdom of the dark, where our childhood fears still exist, and new ones lurk in wait for the unwary.

Be warned: if you doubt your courage and fortitude, do not open the cover!

But if you are brave enough, or foolish enough, come along. After all, they're only stories...


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