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A year since the last post? Mc Fly, you're a slacker...

Well sure. Life being what it is and filling all time when you're looking to do so makes it hard to keep up with something you really should be doing. That is the bane of ambitious (in my case, ADD) people. And before anyone body slams me for making fun of a troubled group, I am ADD. I would have been in serious trouble in the days when they medicated kids who looked out of the window on a spring day rather than paying attention to the teacher. Then you would only get yelled at with a potential slap to the back of the head.

We all have our crosses to bear. I learned over the years to super-concentrate on the task at hand. To the point of being oblivious to my surroundings. Hopefully someone will tell me if the house catches fire...

No one is reading my blog entries now, but I figure it will be a good font of information if I ever hit it big. You know, in the competency hearing where the kids are trying to gain control of my newly found bucks and chuck me into a padded cell. I qualify, you know. All except for the bucks. But I figure, fly under the radar, and be true to you. Or in this case me. I'm heading into the Seen-ager part of my life (look that one up) and fully intend to go back to my goofy young self without a thought to propriety...

The writing has been great, up to seven self-published books! I refer to them as the super-seven after a similarly titled cartoon I barely remember from kid hood. I also believe in making the world the way I want it to be. I don't like aggressive and obnoxious, or rude, or boring, or self-centered. At least in others. I loathe those characteristics in myself. Yet I keep finding the behavior slipping into my daily repertoire. Maddening actually. Not the person I want to be. Maybe if I quit driving to work...

I've had reading spikes, and some great comments. A quite valuable review said they loved the concept of Time Fixers, but were disappointed with my syrupy handling. That's OK. I was going for what some would consider overly sentimental. Because...well that's me. But NO ONE has said I can't write. Not yet anyway. That's OK too. I want to find my niche and leave everyone else alone.

I loved writing short stories, in the way you enjoy anything that is new and alien and stinks when you first start it, then overcome it. I can see where I've grown as a writer, and when I go back in reviews, how far I have to go. That's also OK. Will I ever master this art? Who knows? I think that is likely best judged by readers.

When I get my bearings, I'll pursue book 8. My loyal daughter Sarah is adamant it be a sequel to What Watches and Waits. We've hashed out some details as we did with Sagittarian Blue. But I don't have that passion right now, and don't want to half-fast it.

My early on writer buddy Dylan West devotes himself to interfacing with the public, and has a nice following. (you really need to read his work) I would do that but...ADD rears it's ugly head again. I suppose it's best if we all do us, it would get awfully boring if we approached life the same way. I've started making videos, and that has been fun. It has also helped that I produce videos for my team at work. I thought I'd hate marketing, but it's been a hoot learning new things.

I may never make the big-time, but that's not bad. I was lamenting to my wife Beth one day, that I'd never become a captain of industry. What a waste, what a lack of success. Then she asked me, "Did you want to be a captain of industry?"

Nope. I did not. But besides wandering, my mind likes to guilt me over meaningless things. Maybe writing as a form of therapy? I'm sure someone has already thought of that. But if we had to construct totally new ideas to earn legitimacy, we'd all be dead ducks.

For anyone who stumbles across these posts, let me hear from you. Maybe this time I won't wait over a year to create another...

Be well and safe everyone!

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